Debt Collection

Our sole business is collecting your outstanding debts. (Regardless of how small the debt might seem.)

We are persisitent, professional and above all successful. Our approach is direct and purposeful.First we listen to you. Next we gather all relevant information. Then we use our experience to ensure the best strategy for your specific case.

Generally this involves a firm first letter direct to the debtor in question. This is then followed up with a personal telephone call often assessing the situation with the debtor and working out a solution.

Credit Reporting

Our Credit Reporting services leverage full-file credit information sharing and alternative data sources from MFIs, SACCOs, HELB, Utilities, Mobile phone companies and providers of goods and services on credit to help customers improve their access to finance and increase the credit providers’ capacity to lend profitably to more customers.

We support Credit providers in managing Credit Risk throughout the credit life cycle in order to increase efficiency and lower risk of default and thus maximize profit. At the same time, we provide the credit consumer with tools that will help negotiate favorable terms when applying and managing their credit. In that way, we provide a Total Customer Solution.

Market Research

Good marketing research consists of much more than just conducting interviews with interested individuals. Expertise, experience and a commitment to delivering actionable information are some of the key aspects that distinguish a good marketing research company.

When you work with Nelka Collections, you are working with one of the most experienced full service marketing research companies in East and Southern Africa . Nelka Collections customizes each research project to clients’ needs.

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